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The Secret to True Happiness

Michael Jai Grant
6 min readJan 12, 2022


Personal question, feel free to answer or ignore (or maybe answer with a pleasant lie): Do I compel drama or am I hyper-sensitive to my own ideas of how things should work versus how they manifest in reality?

See, on Tuesday one of our circulator pumps broke and we lost heat in half of the house. No big deal: I called the heat people, the guy came that evening and said they charge $800 for the part (which they had to order) but I could also get it online for $300 and just pay the install fee. He wrote down the part I needed to order. I found a good source with free next-day shipping and set the followup install for Thursday morning, the earliest I could get, Bob’s your Uncle.

But the plumbing supply house didn’t ship my order Tuesday night, as promised, or on Wednesday. They had a “warehouse issue” and sent it out Thursday with delivery Friday. I rescheduled the install appointment for Friday afternoon, but then, on Friday, I got a text from UPS stating due to the storm they wouldn’t deliver the package until Monday sometime before 9pm. Without heat in half the house and temperatures dropping, I tracked down the order and paid extra to have the shipment held at the UPS sorting facility on Friday morning. I would drive the half hour, pick it up personally, and hand-deliver it to the service guy. It was a solid plan and everything was confirmed on the phone, in texts, and in emails.

The new circulator pump arrived at UPS at 9:36am on Friday. I got a text alert and they also told me over the phone I could pick it up at noon. I went at noon. They couldn’t find it. The installer called at 12:15 and said he was on his way, early, how great, and I told him UPS was still looking for the part and please be patient. The installer canceled the appointment at 12:30 and I waited under the harsh fluorescent lighting in the dirty UPS office until 1:35pm when Holly finally told me that no one knew where it was and I should check back later that day. I reluctantly left and called to reschedule the install. They told me the price was double for Saturday and the earliest normal appointment I could get was Monday at noon. Okay. Okay, but brrr…

As per Holly’s instructions, I called UPS Friday night. Nope. I called Saturday morning. Nope. Saturday afternoon, nope, and Sunday, nope.